Disability Services and Accessibility Resources

The Accommodations office works with students with disabilities who seek academic, housing, or other accommodations for disability-related needs. We engage in an individualized and interactive process with each student to determine reasonable and appropriate accommodations.

Disability-related accommodations

All students are welcome to meet with the Rochester Christian University Accommodations Officer to discuss potential accommodation needs. Examples of disability-related accommodations for students include:

  • testing accommodations, such as extended time or a reduced-distraction testing environment
  • in-class accommodations, such as note-taking services, recorded lectures, or priority seating
  • alternative format materials, such as access to texts in a digital or audio format
  • coordination of communication services, such as interpreters, readers, and scribes
  • mobility-based accommodations, such as classroom reassignment
  • housing accommodations, such as a single occupancy room or wheelchair-accessible unit
  • dietary accommodations, such as a meal plan modification or exemption
  • any other accommodation that is needed to ensure equal access to Rochester Christian University programs and services

This list is not comprehensive. Rochester Christian University takes a highly individualized approach to provide accommodations.  For information on how to request one of these or other accommodations, please visit our Accommodations Process page.

Other resources and support

In addition to guiding students through the accommodations process, the Accommodations Officer offers support to students with disabilities in the following areas:

  • referrals to campus and community resources
  • guidance and support in communicating with faculty and other departments around accommodation needs
  • coaching support for study skills and time management/organization strategies

Accommodation Policies