Technology Services Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a list of Technology Services Frequently Asked Questions.  If you still need assistance or you encounter errors please contact or create a request/ticket here.

What is the WiFi name and password?

The WiFi name is RochesterWireless

The password is located in the RCU mobile app under the tile link “RU Wifi Access”

Find the RCU mobile app at the links belowDownload on the App StoreGet it on Google Play


How do I login and access RCU technology tools, apps, and resources (email, online classes, grades, create documents, bill, etc) ?

We provide many technology tools to help you with your education.  All of these tools can be accessed through either in the main menu or under Resources by selecting Current Students

How do I reset or change my RCU account password?

You can reset or change your password by visiting and selecting Change/Reset Password link in the top menu and follow the directions.

How do I create/start my research paper, create a spreadsheet, or create a presentation?

We offer Google drive and Microsoft 365 products for you to be able create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations all accessible through under Resources by selecting Current Students.  Documents, spreadsheets, and presentations can be created through a web browser and will be saved so that you can access from any computer.


How do I print my research paper or presentation?

If you followed the directions under “How do I create/start my research paper, create a spreadsheet, or create presentation?”  You can visit the RCU Library or ACE Lab and login to one of the computers and access your RCU Google Drive or RCU Microsoft 365  through and print to the Copier located in those areas.

How do I get to my online classes?

All online classes at RCU are set up in Canvas.  You can get to those classes through and select Canvas in the left red menu.