Classroom Teaching Workstations

Quick Reference Guide

Press the POWER button on the remote to turn on the projector. Please remember to turn it off after class.  Log into the computer using your given username and password


  • Speaker sound should work automatically, but if it doesn’t check the amplifier (usually black box inside the desk) to make sure that it is on and turned up.
  • Make sure computer’s sound is turned on ( located at the bottom right of screen).
  • Make sure the computer’s sound is set to output to the Speakers/Headphones options NOT the Fifine Microphone output.
  • If playing video on the internet (youtube, google, etc) make sure sound is turned up.


Online Meetings with Google Meet or Zoom in Classrooms

  • Web Cameras with wide angle view are located near the projectors and connected to the workstation.
  • Microphones are located on the teaching workstations.
  • Run the Sound test for every meeting.
  • You may need to select the correct input and output devices.
  • In Google meet select the three vertical dots in the bottom right of the center display to adjust audio settings.
  • You may see a message “Using different devices as you mic and speaker can cause echo” when selecting the Speaker/Headphone that is preferred in the classrooms so sounds come through speakers overhead. This happens because the Fifine mic has headphone jack located at the bottom.
  • In Zoom select the up arrow next to the microphone icon to adjust audio settings.
  • The Fifine microphone has two important items, a mute button (green/red light indicator) and a Mic Gain Knob.
  • The Microphone Gain should be set between halfway to full.  Full can pick up many of the ambient sounds within the room.  Please note if Microphone Gain knob is turned all the way down (counter clockwise) then users may not be able to hear you speak.

Using an external device (Laptop, iPad, etc)

  • Locate the VGA cable on the teacher desk (labeled ‘Teacher Device’)
  • (Optional) Attach dongle to VGA cable (iPhone, iPad, Mac Laptop)
  • Plug into your device (laptop, handheld device, etc)
  • Plug in the included audio cable for sound (labeled ‘Device Audio’)

Playing a DVD

  • Place DVD in the computer CD drive.
  • Select VLC player on the desktop
  • Click Media -> Open Disc -> Play

Using the SMART Board (if available)

  • Make sure the Board is on by looking for Green LED lights. If not, press the power button on the bottom tray.
LMS – Faculty Resources Google Drive Folder
  • Smartboard video tutorial: includes sharing the SmartBoard virtually (Meet/Zoom) from the workstation, using the Document Camera, using SmartNotes, and sharing a PPT while annotating it.