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24-Hour Prayer

Join Campus Ministry for our annual 24 Hour Prayer event!

Sign up for a timeslot through the link provided and help us fill a full 24 hours with prayer as we continue into the school year. Click the link below and move the arrows so you land on September 26-27.

Time slots are 30 minutes long, and while that may seem like a long time, we hope you’ll take the opportunity to spend some time resting and participating in one or more kinds of prayer.

A large prayer room will be set up for you to choose various forms of prayer to participate in, prayer prompts will be available, and more. If you are unable to participate in person, please make a note in the appointment sign up (link above) that you will participate remotely and we will email you prayer prompts you may choose to use.

Feel free to bring headphones for yourself so you can play music quietly during your time of prayer if that would be helpful for you.

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